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True authority is exercised in the context of justice for all, with special attention to the weakest people, who cannot defend themselves and are part of the oppressed minority. A family or community authority, as well as having this sense of justice and truth, needs personal relationships, sensitivity in its action and the ability to listen, trust and forgive. None of this, of course, excludes moments of firmness.

Community and Growth, p. 207

The Great Event of Salvation

To live a life in the memory of Jesus Christ means first of all that that memory is a healing memory. How does the memory of Jesus Christ heal? The memory of Jesus Christ heals because it lifts up our small life and brings it in connection with a much larger event. As Christians, we are participating in a memory that goes far, far back to that great moment when God himself entered into history and shared the human condition. When our little history can be connected with the great history of salvation a tremendous change starts taking place because our little pains and our little joys are no longer just little pains and little joys but they point beyond themselves . . . to a great event of salvation of which we have become a part. . . . Our lives can be healed by the memory of the incarnation and the story of salvation.

by Henri J.M. Nouwen